8 Ways To Get A Good Deal On An iPhone In India

August 23, 2022
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Getting an iPhone in India is straightforward when you have the money or credit card to make an outright purchase.

It gets trickier if you save for your iPhone or if you value a good deal because offers on iPhones are not as common as with other phones.

Here are 8 ways you can get a good deal on your iPhone purchase in India.

1. Wait for a big sale

Ecommerce giants in India like Amazon and Flipkart run massive sale offers, such as the Big Billion Sale at least once a year. If you are lucky, you can get an iPhone on offer during these periods.


  • A wide variety of offers are available at the time.


  • Stocks are limited and products go out of stock in a matter of seconds.
  • Offers are often restricted to certain bank cards and credit cards.
  • Due to the high traffic surge, delivery delays are rampant at the time.

💡 Many Indians exclusively time their big electronic purchases during this time. No matter when you purchase, starting a Hubble plan is always beneficial because your Hubble cash rewards are over and above the retail offers.

2. No cost EMI

A no cost EMI is a loan option where you pay for your iPhone in EMIs of 3, 6, 9 or 12 months without any interest. It is a great option for your purchases if you are absolutely certain that you will be able to pay the monthly EMIs. Most ecommerce giants like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal etc., national chain retailers like Croma, Reliance Digital etc. and local retailers now offer no cost EMIs for your purchases. It especially makes sense if the particular card you carry offers you extra benefits to go ahead with the purchase.


  • Processing is almost instant.
  • This is great option if you are a salaried person and the EMI amount is not a burden on your monthly expenses.


  • The total amount is often blocked on your card since it is an owed amount. The EMI value is auto-debited every month.
  • Penalty on non payment of EMI is quite high (even higher than credit card interest).

3. Get a refurbished iPhone

A refurbished iPhone (or any item) is one that was returned to the manufacturer or distributor for one of many reasons. It could be something as simple as a damaged box or something as complicated as a faulty component. Whatever it may be, a refurbished product is fixed and made to look and function like a new one. Many a times they don’t retain the original packaging, but the refurbished product functions as new. It is a great option for someone who is not willing to pay the full asking price for a new iPhone.


  • It is mostly new, even if the iPhone doesn’t come in new packaging.
  • You get it at a discount.
  • It comes with a warranty.


  • One or more of the parts may have been replaced.
  • It is often an older version or variant of the iPhone that is the latest available in the market.
  • Stocks are rare to come by.

4. Apple-exclusive discounts

Apple offers a student discount as part of its ‘Back to School’ offer in India. This is a discount that benefits class 10 and above students, all the way up to university students, their parents, and teachers working at registered institutions. The program is available for a limited time through UNiDAYS, which is available through Apple’s online store in India.


  • Offers are directly available through Apple’s official site and through Apple Premium Resellers.
  • Proving eligibility is a simple and straightforward process.


  • Offers are available during a limited time only and not available throughout the year.

5. Dealer Discounts

Retailers like Croma who distribute Apple iPhones offer in-store discounts periodically. It is often exclusive to a store and it may or may not be bundled with offers.

👉 Hubble is partnered with Croma across India. The 10% Hubble cash rewards that you accrue on your iPhone plan can be bundled with any offer that is available at Croma at the time of your purchase.


  • In case of any issues with your iPhone, you can contact the retailer for support.
  • You get to visit the store and experience the iPhone in person.
  • Dealers often give a spot discount if you are ready to make a transaction immediately.


  • Prices are slightly higher than in eCommerce stores.
  • Choices and stocks may be limited especially during offer times.

6. Buying an iPhone through friends or relatives who live overseas

Many Indians import their iPhones from overseas through their friends and family who come to visit. Since Apple products tend to be priced slightly higher in India, there is a price difference that users can take advantage of by using this method.


  • You get a better price, especially in the US.
  • You get an item made for a different country, if that means something to you.


  • Returns, refunds etc. can be very difficult as the item is purchased overseas.
  • There is a chance that the device is tied or ‘locked’ to a particular carrier. This means that you cannot use it in India with your local SIM.

7. Buy your iPhone using Hubble Money Savings

Saving with Hubble is the absolute best way to get an iPhone especially if you are not willing to use a credit card for it.

Here are some quick Pros and Cons so that you’ll see how big of a no-brainer it is.


  • You get 10% cash rewards on all your savings.
  • You can use this over and above the offers run by the partner store.
  • You can save at your own pace. Unexpected expense come up? You can pause your savings and continue next month.
  • You can withdraw your savings amount anytime – 24×7.


  • You can use Hubble only with our trusted partner brands.

Beware: Buying through unauthorized sellers

There are thousands of mobile retailers in bazaars across India from whom you can get an iPhone. Though the prices can be very inviting, it is important that you consider the pros and cons below before you make a purchase this way.


  • You get an almost unbelievable price, especially if your only focus is getting it cheap.
  • The seller will go over and beyond, by adding accessories to convince you to make the purchase.


  • The iPhone may be stolen or reported stolen, which will render the device useless upon activation.
  • Returns and refunds are not straightforward. You are at the mercy of the seller
  • The device can have one or many parts replaced with non-Apple parts. Again, you are at the mercy of the seller for any repairs.

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