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August 23, 2022
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Time and time again, Apple has managed to surprise their users with their announcements each year. And this year, the anticipation is particularly high due to the leaks that suggest that the iPhone 14 Pro model might don a no-notch design, PLUS a significant camera upgrade.

Notch or not, the internet is rife with speculations on what the iPhone 14 will look like. What we can be sure of is that owning an iPhone 14 is a goal for many of us.

Hubble is in partnership with Croma and we offer a special iPhone plan for users who are getting ready for the iPhone 14.

No matter what the design or specs of the new iPhone 14 line up is going to be, saving for it with Hubble assures you peace of mind.

Apple 14 release date

Apple has, for the past 11 years announced their new iPhone line up during September or October of the year. If that is any indication, Apple will most likely launch their latest iPhone in the second week of September 2022.

Below are 5 compelling reasons to start saving for the iPhone 14 with Hubble.

# 1 – You get 10% off on the purchase price of iPhone 14

Every time you save any amount towards your iPhone 14 plan, 10% of that is auto credited to your Hubble plan, which you can redeem at the time of your purchase.

This means you get 10% off on the final purchase price, on top of whatever offer is going on at the partner store.

# 2 – Save at your own pace

Hubble plans allow you to save in instalments either through auto debit or through manual payment using your UPI id.

There is no anxiety of what happens if you can’t save for month. Your plan and cash rewards stay intact even if you miss a payment. When you are ready, all you have to do is make a deposit and resume your Hubble plan.

# 3 – Your money is 100% safe and always accessible

Money in your Hubble account is safe and secure in RBI regulated banks. It is 24/7 accessible and you can withdraw your savings to your bank account at any time through a UPI transfer.

Emergencies can happen anytime and Hubble gives you the flexibility to stay prepared for it.

# 4 – You can wait for a great deal or offer

The cash rewards that you accumulate in your Hubble account are available until you make a purchase. This means 2 things for you.

1 – You can wait for the best offer at Croma (our brand partner) and redeem your Hubble cash rewards on top of it.

2 – You don’t have to sell your current phone at the measly exchange price offered by online ecommerce stores. You can wait to get a good price in the after market.

# 5 – Hubble plans are flexible (You can change your mind)

We all change our minds. There might be a chance that you would too and Hubble gives you the flexibility of changing your mind and staying sane in the process.

In the event that you don’t want to buy the iPhone 14 (say, you like your iPhones with a notch) you can still use your Hubble cash rewards at any Croma store for another purchase.

Whether you are waiting to upgrade your old iPhone or planning to take the plunge into the Apple ecosystem with the iPhone 14, there is a Hubble plan for everyone.

Download Hubble. Start saving.

Komal Chawla

Writer-by-chance and overthinker-by-choice, raging a war against the Pineapple-on-pizza brigade

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