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August 23, 2022
Get India's most rewarding shopping wallet
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Are you planning for a big upgrade to your phone? Or are you waiting for a big sale to get that large screen TV for your living room? Hubble lets you plan for it in an easy, efficient and exciting way.

Simply put, Hubble is a savings platform to plan all your electronics purchases.

Much like a bank, Hubble is a place where you can save for your goals in small instalments. It allows you to choose a savings plan for your goal and select a tenure that suits you.

Hubble sweetens the deal for you by offering 10% cash rewards for every deposit that you make towards your goal.

There is no mental gymnastics you need to do to calculate what your returns will be. You get 10% cash rewards on every rupee that you put in. Just make your first deposit and you are off to go.

Hubble makes saving for purchases a breeze. By keeping things organised in ‘plans’ you have a clear picture of how far you are from reaching your goal.

How it is different from paying EMI

By saving through Hubble you are on the path to owning your purchase outright when you buy it. You can select the tenure of savings that is most convenient for you and you can save for it at your own pace.

You pay EMI on a purchase you’ve already made. With an EMI, you do not have the liberty of missing a payment. Fines and interest rates on default amounts can pile up quick, but the bigger thing is the pressure that it comes with. Hubble gives you complete flexibility in terms of how you save. You can pause a plan and resume it later when you can without losing any accumulated cash rewards.

Many a times we get hyped up about a dream gadget and upon first use we realise that things aren’t as they seemed. All we are left with is an expensive piece of plastic. Hubble allows you the flexibility to change your mind.

Further, you always have access to the amount you saved. This means that, at the time of an emergency, you can be sure that the money you saved is there if you need it.

How Hubble can help you

When we say that Hubble helps you achieve your dreams, we truly mean it. Your aspirations and desires give you drive and purpose. Saving for your goals and aspirations gives you a yardstick to measure your progress with.

By giving in to temptation and putting an electronics purchase on a credit card, all you do is convert an object of desire into piece of debt. And that piece of electronics loses value as it depreciates on a daily basis. With every day of ownership you’ll be paying more and more for an object that is becoming worth less and less.

Using Hubble allows you to be on top of your expenses. It gives you a clear path to ownership of your dreams. And it is extremely rewarding too.

Why we started Hubble

We’ve spent a lot of time in the finance and payment industry and we’ve had the opportunity to witness some amazing innovations across everything, except the humble savings account.

Just think about this for a second – a bank savings account returns you a very modest 3-5% p.a. which amounts to 2.5-4% after tax. Anybody who’s even heard the word inflation would tell you that you’d be losing money if you keep it in a bank savings account.

It almost seems like the system is rigged against those of us who want to save towards our goals. In a nation of savers, there is no clear path to ownership through incentivised savings.

That’s why we started Hubble. We want to be the change we wanted to see.

If you are like us, you already know that saving for your goals is a great thing.

Hubble is the compelling reason for you to start.

Komal Chawla

Writer-by-chance and overthinker-by-choice, raging a war against the Pineapple-on-pizza brigade

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